wedding wears in cream or beige

A few months go I was speaking to a couple of my female coworkers about our EAIs. I said that it seems we have the same people organizing the EAIs all the time and they tend to pick activities that appeal to men. Perhaps the ladies would prefer a day at the spa, or something like that. So, since 25% of the people in our group are women and we have 4 EAIs a year, I suggested that the women organize one of the EAIs. wedding wears in cream or beige

One of my female coworkers accused me of stereotyping women with my comments. Wow, I guess her point is that women have the same interests as men.

Well, we had out EAI yesterday; this time we were given a choice. You could either sign up for:
* Virtual Reality Gaming (zombie hunter)
* Massage at a spa

There are 40 people in our group, about 10 are women. How many women do you think signed up for VR gaming?

What do you think my female coworker who scolded me signed up for?

Background: EAI is Employee Activity Initiative. Its something that we do quarterly at GoDaddy. It's a half day off-site with a budget of $100/person and int includes lunch.