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Episode 9

For hours, Lizzy had been trying Stanley's number, but not connecting: "What is wrong with him, why did he kept his phone off? Or is it because of what Adaeze told him? Even if at that, it doesn't show maturity switching off his phone, he could miss an important call" Lizzy worried
On that faithful day, she woke up from bed, said her morning prayers and checked up on her mother in-law. She never knew that Stanley was already in the country.
Though he was mad at Lizzy, but he couldn't wait to see his wife. He missed her a lot. While he was in the car conveying him to his father's house, he was imagining the surprise that will fall on Lizzy's face the moment she sees him, he was imagining how he would hug her and plant a deep kiss in her mouth to show her how much he missed her, but little did he knew that situations had another arrangement in stock for him.
When he got home, everybody was surprised to see him.
"Who am I seeing? Stanley my son, how come you left US without even informing us?" Ohadike asked while they embraced each other
"Dad, just wanted to surprise you guys...." He replied rolling his eyes round the house searching for Lizzy
"Brother Stanley! My lovely Brother is here!" Adaeze who heard his voice from her room rushed out and jumped on him.
"Wait a minute! Is that not Stanley's voice that I'm hearing? But how is that possible? He did not even inform me that he is returning today..... It better not be him because I am not ready to face him right now. Mother is not even showing any sign of improvement... He will be very mad at me seeing his mother in this condition....knowing quite well that I am the cause...Anyway, let me go and take a look first" Lizzy said, stepping out from Gloria's room.
Immediately she saw Stanley, she developed missed feelings.
She felt shocked, joy, sad, and tensed at same time and as a woman in her condition, she couldn't bear them all, and she collapsed.
"Baby!" Stanley rushed and held her. Adaeze brought water and started sprinkling her, but she was not responding and Stan and his father, rushed her to the hospital.
After examining her, the doctor said: "There is no need for worries, this is common with women in her condition"
"What Condition, Doctor?" Stanley asked
"Who are you to her?" The doctor asked
"I am her husband" Stanley replied
"Congratulations, your wife is pregnant.." Doctor replied
Stanley paused for some minutes and said: "So its true. So Lizzy is indeed pregnant." He started looking at her in disgust, the love he had for her disappeared with the wind just in a twinkle of an eye.
He wept bitterly in his heart: "Lizzy, why? How could you open my eyes and poured sand inside it? Lizzy, I trusted you so much, why did you betrayed my trust like this? First, you stole from my family, got my mother paralysed and now you are pregnant for god knows who, Lizzy why?"
"My son, don't make conclusions until you hear from her, first. This is the reason I never wanted to tell you about all these because I know how much it will disturb you. I wanted to inform you at the right time" Ohadike said
Stanley angrily walked out from his father and then left the hospital.
Chief Ohadike was jubilating in his heart that his effort had finally paid off, that Lizzy will be leaving his family.
"Stanley, I can't have Lizzy, and neither will you. I love Lizzy and at same time feel some hatred for her. Because of her, I had to spend years in the prison yard, because of her, I had to loose my successful chance of becoming the Governor of this great state, because of her, I lost my reputation and my political career. Lizzy, I won't rest until you share in my misfortune. This pregnancy has made my revenge much easier........hehehehe...come on my son let's go, let her stay in this hospital all alone. When she wakes up, she will realized that she has been deserted by the very person she love so much" Ohadike said in his heart and then pretended to show some concern over her; "Stanley, where are you going? Don't tell me you are leaving your wife all alone with nobody to look after her here?"
"Father, if you care to stay, you can go ahead, but as for me, I need to reach home first to see my mother" Stanley replied
"But Stan!" Ohadike tried to call but Stan entered his car and drove off
"Go home, Son....I would love to stay back., I can't wait to see the shock on Lizzy's face when she finally wakes up" Ohadike said in his heart, laughing
When Stan reached home, he went straight to his mother's room and saw her lying on the bed.
He became weak and sad, with tears rolling freely, down his cheeks
"Mother, I am sorry, I should have listened to your advise...But to tell you the truth, I don't know what to think or believe anymore. I never knew Lizzy could be this terrible.... Mum, I am heartbroken right now, my heart is shattered, I loved and trusted her so much and she went ahead to cheat on me with another man. Mum, she should have used protection, with that, I wouldn't have found out. I loved her Mum, can you please tell me how to deal with this heartbreak and betrayal? I loved my Lizzy, how could she do this to me? And how could she cheat on me with another person?'' Stanley wept bitterly at his mother's side.
When he raised his head, he saw tears gushing down from his mother's eyes.
"No mother, please don't cry. OK, look at me, I an wiping my eyes now, I will not cry again, trust me. It wasn't my intention to make you cry and believe me, I am taking you to US with me, you will be treated by one of the best doctors in the world, this I promise you mother"
"No my sweet son.... I'm crying for my daughter Inlaw, Lizzy. She is innocent of all these. I shouldn't have trusted your father so quickly. He drugged and raped her right in front of me. He never knew I saw everything.. My son, how do I tell you this? Everything was your father's fault. He planned everything against Lizzy, he made her looked bad in our eyes. My son, I wished I can tell you all these. Despite her past, Lizzy is an ideal daughter Inlaw. She is calm and kind, she has been taking good care of me more than my own daughter, Adaeze. She is so bent on seeing me get better. She is still ignorant of what happened to her that very night, that is why I will fight for Lizzy, I will fight this sickness and expose the devilish man that calls himself my husband. Dear Lord, please don't give me the person of Ohadike as a husband in my next world. And please help me and fight this sickness to reveal to my son that his beautiful wife is Innocent, because I am the only eye witness she has. I am the only person that can save her from this horrible situation that is about to destroy her happiness with my son" Gloria said in her heart, crying so bitterly and helpless. wedding selections in yellow
Stan mistook his mother's tears to what Lizzy did to her: "Mother, I'm in pains seeing you cry like this. Don't worry as for Lizzy, I will not allow her to step foot into this house. I will forgive her only when you have recovered from this sickness, this I promise you, Mum"
"No my son, you are breaking my heart. Lizzy is innocent, she is innocent....." Gloria said in her heart, but she can't speak nor make any gestures and she felt so frustrated that she can't save an innocent girl.
When Lizzy woke up, she saw Ohadike sitting beside her, she rolled her eyes round the strange place, she then rose and blurted: "Where am I?"
"You are in the hospital" Ohadike replied
"Hospital? Why?"
"You see, you collapsed after you saw Stanley, who is now your estranged husband" Ohadike replied, laughing
"And what do you mean by that?" Lizzy asked
"You see, after Doctor told him you are pregnant, he couldn't bear the shock and he walked away, leaving you here. Lizzy, I am sorry, you are no longer a part of my family" Ohadike said, laughing wickedly
Lizzy then looked at Ohadike and was lost of the words to reply him.
She got down from the bed and started leaving.
"Hey! Where are you going? And you are not even discharged yet" Ohadike asked
"I need to see Stan right away and explain everything to him, he needs to know the truth." Lizzy replied
"Truth? What truth?" Ohadike asked
"We will soon find out" Lizzy replied smiling faintly and then left the hospital straight to home
Ohadike was left confused: "What truth is she talking about? Could it be she has discovered that I am responsible for ..........? No, that can never be possible, there is no way she could find out. Ok, let me go home and find out this truth she is talking about...." He then left straight to home
To be continued.....