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Good evening my brothers and sisters. God is good! 1 Samuel 16:14-15 "But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from God troubled him. And the king`s servants said unto him. Behold now, an evil spirit from God troubleth thee."

My focus is on spiritual warfare. To be specific: "Intrusive Thoughts" which are unwelcome involuntary thoughts that are upsetting or distressing and can be difficult to manage or eliminate.

In the above passage, at this point in King Saul`s journey he has continued to disobey God (1 Sam.14:24, 15:19-26). Its based on these truths that the evil spirit was permitted to torment Saul. Know this: We can forfeit Gods protection by continuously disobeying him. Oh yeah, it`s a dangerous thing having tasted God`s goodness, mercy, and grace and then decide to keep doing things our own way, instead of following God.

Please don`t get it twisted by wrongly thinking that because God permitted the evil spirit to torment Saul that God sanctioned it. In essence in situations like this God removes his grace (takes his hand off) whereby allowing things to take their own course. He will never force us to obey him, but after a while God will let you have your own way.

Knowing that King Saul was a world leader over many, how determined to you think the devil was when it came to attacking and or employing him? Kill the head the body will follow. Real talk.The diabolical assault would start in Saul`s mind and would be based on what the devil knew about Saul`s uniquely sinful tendencies.

As recorded in the text, the Spirit`s departure from King Saul caused a highly noticeable ugly change in the king`s demeanor. Since this change was that noticeable publicly, what do you suppose the torment was like within Saul`s mind? It was brutal.

Lets go deeper. You see, every time Saul started feeling rejected were the exact moments that Satan began employing intrusive thoughts. The evil one identifies so closely with the human need to "belong" and to receive "affirmation." The evil one knows that it`s impossible for humans to dismiss what we feel. Therefore he attacks with specific kinds of thoughts that stir feelings which are directly opposite to the human need to "belong" or feel "affirmed." Or providing a lie to elevate ourselves out of feeling inadequate by shifting the blame on others. You feel me?

Here are a few more examples, Satan may magnify a sense of feeling "obsolete" within the mind of a victim who is highly qualified but the younger qualified person got the job. He may amplify experiencing the reality of a not-by-choice-aloneness, to a victim who`s spouse left him/her for another. He often employs provocative questions. A king in biblical days equates to a president in the world today. The question, then, becomes, can you see such evil manifestations today? Intrusive thoughts can manifest as early morning tweets. In all they getting get understanding. Amen Somebody! wedding bridal selections in champagne