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Sadiq knew Fatima so he decided to help us by taking us to the 2 in 1 restaurant. Fahad decided to drive us there. I know he followed us so that i won't do anything razz. But i wasnt willing to start a fight with her.

It took us about 5minutes to notice her coming out. She wore a peach after dress and she's slim. Am a thick woman so ill call her slim. she doesn't look like the voice i heard on the phone. She's not even a threat or worth my time. She entered inside her venza and drove off to God knows where.

"Now that you disturbed us to come here what next" fahad asked me

"Mtsw ina ruwanka. Lets just go home. I wanted to see the ant that was threatening me" i said keeping a straight face

"Or you are jealous dai" they bust into laughter

"I dont like this kind of thing. Walahi zan bata muku rai. Just take me home"

Fahad drove us home and he went to drop sadiq.

I don't like too much trouble. I dont tolerate nonsense but i don't want to intefer between fu'ad and Fatima's problem. That's between them, but if she dares come in front of me to say any rubbish sai inda karfi na ya kare. After all i never said i loved him first

Later in the evening Fu'ad came to see me for the usual hira. Am ready to blaster him and pour out all my anger on him.

As we were gisting in front of the garden. I decided to start since he was diverting the main topic at hand.

"Kasan Allah Fu'ad, what's wrong with Fatima. If you are sending her to insult me ne ma. Tell her nafi karfinta. Let me tell you something the next time she tries go speak rubbish to me its you ill come back to. After all i never said i loved you"

He cuts me off with his giggle

"I can sense jealousy hajiya Farha, don't worry it wont repeat itself again and I love you even more kinji my heart"

I kept quiet out of shyness. I never knew i can be shy. What is this new feeling am feeling. I covered half of my face with my viel and smiled.

After he finished teasing me and cheering me up he let me go home.

We finished eating with Amina and everyone was on her phone on thier social networks. Once it's around 9pm everyone gets on thier side of the bed on thier phone. I was scrolling on my Instagram and I see Fardeen on Steverienz page with a slim girl posing on thier pre wedding shoot. The caption stated "power couple of november" I didn't say anything because am sure Amina and her big mouth would talk.

"Farha kin gani. Check steve reinz page abeg" she said while hitting my leg.

"Nagani jare, fardeen ba" i told her

"See this fool wo hahaha, his going to betray this poor girl. See how she's smiling wato taga Alhaji mai kudin duniya hahaha. May Allah bless thier union shaaa. Let me stalk this page" she said laughing.

"Baruwana Amina, just allow them. I know you would start commenting and causing trouble. In tayi tsami zamuji" i warned her

Fardeen is getting married finally. I wouldn't say am jealous daman i never liked him. A husband shouldn't brag to his wife. He shouldn't point fingers at her. Am just saying but i think fardeen sai Hamdalah.


"Do you want to go out" Fahad asked me

"To where kuma, Fahad i think we've gone round Abuja just me and you please take me home" i told him.

I don't know but these past few days i have been becoming close to Fahad again. Even though now its on friend's level. He knows about Fu'ad and his cool about it so am also cool about him. He hasn't shown any extra interest but he's mostly around and everyone knows him at home even mummy calls him her son. I am suprised his taking things calmy and his no longer jealous. He has even started dating someone so everything is fine.. vogue chic garments for prom

"Let's go home... I know Fu'ad is coming today. Before he cuts off my head" he said as he let's out a giggle and a sigh.

I dragged his ear and said

"I have told you to stop teasing me Fahad. Am taking things really slow with Fu'ad. So you can stop it with the teasing"

We laughed our way home. I hear my phone ring and i pick it up. +

"Hello aunty Farha. Good evening how is mummy" she said with her tiny voice

"She is fine ummi, how is umar and your house. Kwana biyu you've stopped coming home ko"

"Hmm aunty Farha. I have a big question for you?. I have been experiencing changes in my body. I have been feeling sick and weak alot. I haven't told umar. I know what you'll say am pregnant. Allah am not pregnant. Am coming home to see you tomorrow" she said with a shaky voice.

"Hahaha see this girl better take a pregnancy test fa. Or if you come tomorrow we would go and see Doctor Iman. Ill book an appointment with her"




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