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The smile on this girl is not real. She is not even human. She is evil, manipulative, deceitful, and twisted. She played a part of loving my son but all she wanted to do was destroy him. All her family wanted to do was destroy him. They beat him down emotionally, mentally, and physically. My son is not the same. He sees the world and everyone and everything in it differently. He suffers from anxiety, depression, extreme anger, and PTSD. He second guesses himself. He doesn't think anything good should happen to him. If it does, he pushes it away. The suffering he has endured is more than anyone could stand. He was a kind, gentle, loving, happy kid. Now he is just a shell of what he once was. Two years of this shit. Doctors, hospitals, and therapy. Our family is broken. Our hearts are bleeding for our child. If I told everyone even half of what these people have done it would bring you to your knees. I shared this publicly so others do not let them near their child and so that anyone that knows them will show them or tell them this: I may be beaten down. I may be on my knees begging God to help my child but don't think for one second I am going away or letting this go. You fucked with my child and that brought out more fierceness and anger in me than I ever thought possible. I will still be standing and I will continue to fight for my son. I won't back down and I will never give up on my promise to make you pay. I WILL save my son. He WILL be who he was before you. No truer words have ever been spoken. I don't fear you or anything you have to bring. I am coming for you so help me God. vintage retro outfits for flower girl