vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

Let's Play friendly feud! You CANNOT use my answers. Your answers must be different. I like seeing how differently we all think. vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

1. Something you use in the shower?
Wash Rag

2. Something people hate to find on their car?
Bird Poop

3. Something a man might buy before going on a date?

4. Something you cook in the morning?

5. An item found in a old mans wallet?
Buisness Cards

6. A kind of test you can not study for?
Pop Quiz

7. A phrase that has the word heart in it?
I love you with all my heart

8. Sport where you might lose a tooth?

9. A fruit that isn't round

10. What bird you wouldn't want to eat?

11. Something that gets smaller the more you use it?
Teeth on my Chainsaw Chain

12. Name at least 5 people who might play along?
1) Lyndsay Harper
2) Michael Sheets
3) Ethan Barbarow
4) Kim Cain
5) Tyler Hartness

Copy and paste and change the answers. Have fun!