twincle dress with sequin in cocktail party

Fluttering muttering the shirt hit the floor,
Her handz felt his belt as he leaned on the door
His fingers she feels slid off of her hips,
His touch well it matched the solf of her lips.
Miss mouth full of moans her taste was choice,
Muzzling moans that escaped from her voice.
zip down the zipper falling in love,
Much like her pants as they fell to the rug.
On to the bed n into the sheets,
She felt for his head where his kisses were sweet.
Held on to his hare rocking him some,
Her face burned bright red bout as hot as his tongue. twincle dress with sequin in cocktail party
Time after time she came on command,
Until she pushed up n then came on her man.
Touching his body touching his chest,
Rushing to come as he sucked in his breath.
then all in a instint he reached for her palms,
Pushed her down hard n blew up like a bomb.