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I swear, I am tired of
this pot of beans life. I
think I need some
serious deliverance
because it is like my
village people are just
busy shoot spiritual
arrows of problems my
My phone was stolen
because I was
attempting to be caring
and then the last
person I wanted to see
popped up at my
doorsteps unannounced
then went on to kiss
me, unannounced as
well. Just when I
thought my day could
not get any better, the
girl who I only just
discovered I sincerely
liked recently - Funmi,
decided to visit me out
of the blues. I am
pretty sure she has
never climbed above her
floor since she moved
into the lodge but just
had to explore the
building the one brief
moment I wish she had
not... So you see why I
think my village witch
have a hand in my
After praying at the
church the other day
when Funmi came over
to take me back to the
hospital, my relationship
life had started to take
shape, surprisingly
without me actually
doing anything.
Mary-Anne who I was
not sure if I should
break up with her or
choose to be faithful to
only her had eliminated
herself from the
equation following her
sexual activity with my
roommate and best
friend, who does that
Amaka on the other
hand has been really
scarce. No phone calls,
no text message, the
only contact we make
is on Whatsapp where
we do not even chat
but when we both
notice we are online on
Whatsapp we go ahead
to change our display
picture every minute in
an attempt to show
the other that we are
doing just fine without
the each others
company. So basically
the forces of time and
space had also
eliminated Amaka from
the equation, leaving
just Funmi or so I had
To tell you the gospel
truth, I am sure I lost
my guard for a micro
second when Mary-
Anne's lips had collided
mine. What I am not
sure of is whether that
was just a one-time
mistake or if my
subconscious was
trying to tell me I was
not ready to let go of
"So can you help me
with the cannabis?"
Funmi had to say to
snap me back to reality.
I was surprised by that
question, "What do you
need cannabis for?" I
"I want to use it to
cook," she said but then
gave a face that made
me know she was just
being sarcastic.
Did you know that
minus your regular
addition of Cannabis to
your meals, especially
beans, you can actually
ground the seed to
make a porridge - gruel -
or baked into cakes or
bread. Hemp seed is the
single most complete
food on the planet and
can be grown quickly
almost anywhere, yet
the world is allowed to
starve as a result of
the often total
prohibition of cannabis. I short chiffon homecoming dress with lace racerback
am not a weed activist
or trying to promote
the usage of the plant
so I would not go on to
tell you about the
conspiracy behind the
issue of the legalization.
"I swear Funmi, what
you saw is not what it
looks like," I said. I
figured she was just
using the cannabis talk
as an excuse not to
address the issue at
hand but I was not
going to let her do that.
The issue must be
"Am I speaking Chinese
or you did not hear
what I just said? You
owe me no explanation!
All I want to know right
now is if you have
some cannabis or not?"
She said plainly.
I was confused. What
this girl wanted to do
with the Cannabis
baffled me but I was
not going to ask her
what she needs it for
again to avoid another
unnecessary sarcastic
response. You know
how some people just
need time and space to
cool down when they
are pissed? decided to
just give her what she
wants and try to
salvage the situation
some other time.
"I think I should have
some in the house," I
"Maxwell, you now
smoke?" Mary-Anne
who had not said much
in a while finally asked.
"Can you please leave
my door post so I can
attend to my guest?" I
ignored her initial
question, as far as I
was concerned she had
lost all her right to even
speak to me, let alone
ask me a question.
She quietly moved out
of the way and at long
last I got access to my
In reality, I actually had
no hemp in my
possession but I trust
Henry to have, all I
needed to do was just
find where he kept it.
This was not hard to do
as he had this school
bag that acted more of
a decorative piece as he
never wore it but hung
it on the wall. I had
known Henry long
enough to know that he
always kept his stash
in the bag and one
glance into the bag
proved two things. One,
I was right and two,
Henry was probably
dealing as he had so
much hemp in the bag
that the only other
possibility was he was
planning a party.
"How much do you
need?" I had to go back
out of the house to ask
Funmi who had not
move an inch closer to
my house.
"Just a little would do,"
she replied.
"Well, you'll have to
come closer to collect
it." I said in an attempt
to draw her closer. It
I package a little in a
piece of paper and
handed it over to her.
She said her thanks and
left without saying a
"Is that your new
girlfriend?" Mary-Anne
asked. She had already
made herself
comfortable as she sat
on the bed.
Which kind of pest is
this one? I thought.
"How is that any of
your business?" I replied
with a question.
"You like dating strange
"Well look at how
perfect that's working
out for me."
"Don't worry about her,
she'll come around. All
this one she's doing is
shakara, my sis would
call it initial gra gra."
"Yea... Whatever. I want
to rest and I need no
disturbance so can I
please have some
privacy?" She had over
stayed her welcome,
hec! She was not even
welcomed in the first
"I'll leave on one
"What's that?"
"You would stop
ignoring my calls and
promise that you'll
make time so we can
talk about us."
"There is no 'us'
"Then I'm not going
anywhere," she crossed
her legs for effect.
I really needed to sleep
and I simply could not
drag her out of my
house like she is
garbage, even though
we all agree she is. I
decided I had to
"I need time and space
to think," I started to
say, "don't call me, I'll
call you."
"Do I have your word?"
I sighed, "yea, if that
would make you leave
"Alright then," she said
as she stood up and
walked out of the
house. "I'll be expecting
your call," she added
before she locked the
door behind her.
Good radiance to bad
Now before I slept I
decided to loosen my
nerves. I grabbed
Henry's bag, a pack of
rolling papers, a lighter
and went to the
balcony where a very
comfortable chair
awaited me.
I switched on my laptop
and played one of my
favourite Burna Boy
How would you like, to
smoke some weed? He
asked passionately over
the speakers.