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Update on JJ: This morning was one of the hardest mornings of my life. I got the dreaded "we have an emergency come home now" call. Recently Bella came home with a cold ( being that she goes to a big school) so JJ this morning started showing signs of increased secretions and nausea. The nurse called Jessica and Bella into the room. They said his oxygen was 85% and nothing the nurse did (even going on oxygen) would make it go up. Jessica assessed him and noted he was having nasal flaring as well as retractions. I was told by Jessica and the nurse that when they tried to tracheal suction nothing would come out and there was no mucus plug. So Jessica put xopanex with NS, cough assist, shake vest, plus oxygen and secretions little by little started to come out. He was still requiring oxygen of 2 L and saturating at 93% (which he never needs oxygen and is always above 98%) so Jess got the ambu bag(a trick we learned by specialists) and after the ambu so much more hidden secretions came out that he ended up going up all the way to his normal, so they took off oxygen. The doctors are thinking that the mixture of 2 new teeth popping out plus a cold brewing caused increased secretions over night and accumulated to the point where he had this episode early this morning. There were moments where he seemed to be fading. Where he was growing tired. But God is Good because Jessica was home and able to help him. Today was Bella's honor roll ceremony but now since JJ is back home with us (we went to ER to do chest xray and he is clear!) we will be doing a little honor roll ceremony here at home with Bella and JJ since none of us were able to be there. This phone call was devastating. Especially with all the recent deaths in our community I thought I was never going to his smile again. Bella telling me that her brother was struggling to breathe and that I needed to come home seemed like something from a movie I never wanted to be a part of. Jessica is now playing with JJ acting normal but she still looks pale. This episode hit us both really hard. If Jessica wasn't home we may have lost our son today. We are thankful for the miracles that God performs in our lives! For the fact that JJ is back to normal laughing and kicking! Thankful for the fact that he no longer requires oxygen and is doing good again. But everyday we still need prayers that God covers him and continues to protect him and guide us! Prayers for this dreadful disease to be eliminated from existence. Thank you to everyone who prayed and reached out to us!!! We are forever greatful! prom dresses for big bust