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Whats vintage racing? What is all this I hear about "getting it"? I guess those answers could vary greatly depending on who you asked.

The first question is kinda easy. Racing cars as they would of in the 50s,60s, an 70s with some safety upgrades. No doubt we have made cars much safer. The attached $25k plus car? Thats not vintage. Thats Pro Stock with a old body. Probably a guy who has to run up front and cant compete in a regular Saturday night program.

Why does this happen? Is it the compensation syndrome? Is there some sort of advantage of out spending everyone in a class that is designed for fun and the preservation of racing history? Do you feel better about yourself by bringing a gun to a knife fight?

I actually have no problems with the newer chassis and old body classes. The idea behind all of this is take the old late model sitting behind the shop, give it a coat of paint, the motor under the bench and the body of a rot box car and go racing. Thats cool! Thats no real difference than what was done all throughout racing. Building a flat out high dollar car so you can beat up on the little guys? You must feel real good about yourself. prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

So why cant a guy cobble together something that looks old, has a $50 motor an go have some fun. Thankfully thats what the hobby class has done...for the most part.

So what is getting it? Can you run door to door with a guy and say to yourself "he has 20 fans in the stand and I have none" and "overdrive" the next corner so he can win? When you break out into the lead do you take off or wait for the pack? Do you have to lead every lap? Are you a one groove racer? Think about it. Vintage racing isnt about you. Its about showing the fans what yesterday was.

If you cant concentrate on fun, not being number one go build a Saturday night car.

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