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The spillage of farmed salmon into our oceans and then into our streams happens all the time and it's destroying one of our last natural resources. As someone who has spent decades learning about terrestrial factory farming practices, and the havoc it reeks on our health and our environment, this recent spillage again in our waters is a reminder that we cannot expect change if we are not engaged. I find salmon farms to be unacceptable. I'm not eating it, I'm not serving it, and I'm going to use my chef voice to say, if you are, STOP! I have people coming in to terra plata frequently pushing farmed salmon and touting how responsible their company is, etc etc. I let them know that I want no part of it. If there's not enough salmon to feed our insatiable and destructive appetites to go around, then eat a plant. I am not saying all aquaculture is bad. I use farmed clams and mussels. I am not a scientist nor a marine biologist. I don't care about omegas 3 and 6 and which salmon has more. I only care that our wild salmon are healthy as they can be in already challenging circumstances. We need to step up. Factory Salmon Farming can be stopped. open back items to wear of the wedding
Because sea lice is one cause for diseased salmon here's a little info for you to digest. Pun intended.

"Yes, sea lice are in the wild, and attach themselves to marine life, more commonly salmon.
Wild salmon close to fish farms are 73 times more likely to suffer lethal sea lice than juveniles not adjacent to fish farms. A fish farm can also elevate the rate of sea lice infestation in salmon up to 40 miles from their pens. Chemicals and antibiotics are used to control this with farmed fish." Alaska Dept of Fish.

There is no way right way to do the wrong thing. It just needs to stop.i I hope you are as outraged as I am, again know this is happening all the time. I'm not sure if this is the biggest spill or not, but let's stop this, before farmed fish is all we have.