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Michael has never hiked ..... His strength and aggression towards other animals has dictated another path for him: sanctuary. Houlagans' hosts an Open Kennel social and work day and chili cook off (kinda) on December 30. Please save the date. Michael would love to entertain each of you.....

Big Mike has been a Houlagan for years. A saucy, strong 75 lbs, Mike doesn't like other dogs. In fact, he fixates on the photo of a small dog hanging in the vet's office and tries to jump on the sink to reach it! Still, Mike has snagged the heart of many houlagans' volunteers. Big slobbery kisses delivered just behind a wet, red nose, and just ahead of 2 big front feet remind us that Mike adores humans. Mike occupies Del's Kennel, a memorial space created for sanctuary.

Mike has a tumor growing beneath and posterior to his right eye. Our vets have monitored its size and incursion towards Mike's eye for months. At Mike's appointment last week, the tumor forced our hand: euthanize Mike, let nature take its course and euthanize him when he begins to suffer, surgically remove the tumor, or surgically remove the tumor and follow up with radiation.

Nothing suggests that Mike suffers from this golf ball sized thing .... now. It's hard to watch the tumor grow more, straining the limits of his face and hoping we detect his suffering when it first appears. So, Michael has surgery scheduled for this Thursday. There are probably a thousand Mikes out there that need help. After the terrific turnout for Giving Tuesday, we didn't want to post any requests for more support. Reality earmarked those donations to benefit many Houlagans, reality nudges us to ask for donations to help Mike. Our goal for Mike's surgery is $1,500. The big blockhead could really use a foster home for recovery - a foster with no other animals. on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves

So, this is the twenty-third plea for funds that you've read today. You're emotionally and financially tapped. You regularly help those you can, and wandered onto this harmless looking Facebook page to just look at dog pics. It's all good. Know that whatever rescue or non-profit you help deeply appreciates it. Know that all of us celebrate the compassion extended to the helpless. Know that you help change the trajectory of lives for the good.