on sale collections for red carpet

Pics I took of the mess going on at the 404/309 intersection. Apparently 4 guys decided to rob the AT&T store in Easton, drive down 404, then run on foot into the corn fields. When I came through trying to get home from work this is what I saw. As I finally made it through the intersection toward home a chopper was flying overhead helping with the search. Pisses me off so much that people think they can get away with robbery, a police chase, and then completely disrupt traffic and everyone's commute by hiding in the corn. I hope they get the book thrown at them. I don't care how down and out you are....you don't rob someone, and you don't endanger the lives of our police by involving them in a car chase. And you certainly don't run in the corn or woods during harvest and hunting season! Idiots!!!!! on sale collections for red carpet