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I am so sick and tired of seeing breast is best! This is before and after pictures of my son in the picture on the left he was on the brisk of death and starvation. I had taken him to multiple hospitals-multiple doctors and they all told me it was normally that he would take a 4 ounce bottle and projectile puke 3 ounces back up blew it off that at 4 months old he had only gained a pound since birth, his eyes were Sunken in, no color to his skin, he was skin and bones. I was terrified for my child I didn't know what was wrong and everybody kept telling me it was nothing. Finally I got tired of no answers, my son had been constipated for two weeks wouldn't keep any formula down that I tried, would have episodes of going limp and throwing his body back etc. I took him to the children's hospital in Colorado Springs I demanded answers and refused to leave until I got them. They did X-rays which showed swelling and irritation in his stomach and bowels and he was admitted test after test was ran. Finally they decided to test one last thing food allergies my child was allergic to soy and milk proteins something I been forcing down him for 4 months resulting in him being sick. He got put on Elecare and within a week he was smiling which my son never did! He was happy and most of all he went from 5 pounds 3 ounces to 7 pounds 6 ounces in 2 weeks!! Breast is not always best. I tried forcing breast milk because I heard it over and over that " breast is best", but after going through the nightmare of almost losing my son fed is best and nobody will make me change my mind on that! old hollywood prom dresses