mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves

UPDATE: LONG BUY HAPPY ENDING?AHEAD!! Iwanted to update you all on Clyde.. the anti fungal drug prescribed by the vet Ketaconazole, is not only expensive (around $2.00 a pill) but, is a very dangerous drug in itself..causes complete liver failure in some humans and animals without warning, requires annual liver testing, and is almost, from what i can see, like chemo in a pill. It makes clyde very very sick... diarrhea, bloating, his back extremities ( legs go numb) and the last straw was when he has a seizure ....!! No No No!! So the struggle in my mind has been nonstop..cant sleep, cant think straight, cause ive overwrought so much. Leave him on it, knowing theres still only a 50/50 chance at survival or take him off of it, and let him live the best quality of life that he can until or unless....... well.
I prayed and prayed on this, and im going with option B!! But im not taking it lieing down.. ive been on top of my homework and their are other homeaoathic approaches that offer some hope, and trust and believe hes getting them.
I started clyde on colostrum ,apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil...2 nights ago. (We have also been doing what i refer to as breathing treatments with garlic and menthol...electric skillet and a towel.). i have ordered him a nebulizer mask made for dogs and we will soon be doing oil of oregano treatments.. as well as colidial silver.. ( those two suppliments as well as a product called aaurim metallicum im waiting to get the money to get) I started clyde on these ...well its day 3, and i asked you all to pray for him yesterday... !! Well, all i know is, hes A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER!!! Im not saying hes cured, but I'm saying he has life inside of him again!! Playing ball with me as i type this, nudging my hand wants me to stop typing !! Lol Life, to me,is about quality not quanity; and i just want to see him happy. Im about ready to double the dose and start taking them too. My heads pounding but ive got ball to play yall.. but i at least had to thank you all for praying fot my little guy and thank YOU GOD...I ACCEPT THIS BLESSING AND HEALING FOR CLYDE!! I KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH YOU!! THE DEVIL WANTS TO SEE ME FAIL...HE KNOWS MY GREATEST WEAKNESSES ARE LINKED TO MY HEART!!! GODS GOT ME...AND GOD'S GOT CLYDE!!! Im crying this morning and its the first happy tears n months!! mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves