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To all my friends from Bhopal..

You would know what happened 33 years back.. When one fine cold night on December the 2nd the worst industrial disaster took place which resulted in thousands of death and which really impacted our life.. there incident which cannot be forgotten by us..

I was woken up by neighbours at about 5 am .. Who were talking about some gas which had leaked from a factory and had caused deaths to many people..

After a few hours we started to know the real impact and the effect that leakage had cost our lives..

Thousands of people were moving away and were seen to be heading towards mandideep road.. With their cattle .cows belongings.... on foot or what ever transport... they could find.. The chaos that it caused reminded some elders of the scenario which took place during partition..

I was working temporarily in regional.research lab on the Hoshangabad road and the next few days it became the nerve centre of rescue planning operations headed by one vardarajan from Delhi who took charge of the situation... Meanwhile... it was gruelling and anxiety driven days for most bhopalis..

Then we were asked to eat only potatoes and onions and not the green veggies dunno these were brought from outside .. However we abided by all the rules and kept ourselves insulated from all rumors .. The papers had reported only 2500 deaths but I can now firmly claim it was much higher.. The govt of that time with the CEO warren Anderson took care to play down...this incident as much as possible..warren Anderson even slipped away.. And was never tried or prosecuted.. He died some few years back.. modern chic items to wear to a evening party

Even today I get nostalgic and sad thinking about that accident which caused pain and deaths to innocent people..
The station master of Bhopal railway station who saved thousands died himself..I am not aware what happened to his family..dhruve yes that was his name .. RIP....

Perhaps Bhopal gas tragedy will be remembered as the worst incidents of our lives..
The survivors I hope have got relief and built their lives already...