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A CAPTIVATING and THRILLING romance set in a BRUTAL land of NO rules or law...
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Anika Patel had a perfect life—a loving family, a bright career and a man who was her best friend with a possibility of becoming something more. But one phone call and an impulsive decision changed it all. Stuck in a land of no rules or law, where family honor meant everything, she was to be bound by revenge to a brutal man who threatened to steal her soul... low-v backless outfits for formal

Abhay Singham had one burning ambition—to bring peace to his land and people by ending the decades-long violent feud. If that meant marrying the daughter of his enemy who was responsible for his parents' death, then so be it. Nothing, and no one, including the reluctant bride, could stop him from making her into a Singham bride...

WARNING: This is a fictional romance story that transports you to a different world that has no restraints or boundaries. Please proceed with caution as the book contains violence and sexual content that is recommended for mature reading audiences.

***A STANDALONE romance and BOOK 1 of the BESTSELLING series with over 1.5 MILLION+ Amazon kenp reads —THE SINGHAM BLOODLINES***


As soon as the man turned, Anika felt like the air was sucked away from around the room, making her gasp out loud.

The man looked larger than life and dangerous.

“So. You are my bride-to-be,” he stated, rather than asked, in a deep voice.

The word ‘bride’ broke through Anika's trance and made adrenaline course through her body.

“I don’t want this,” she whispered, unable to work up a louder voice. She kept her eyes on his face, pleading. “Please, stop this marriage.”

He didn’t respond and neither did he react in anyway.

Under the large skylight, the man didn’t look like a monster the first glance—far from it. He was elegantly dressed and also good looking with perfectly chiseled features. But when she looked beyond the superficial cover, she noticed the truth. His eyes, although beautifully dark and intense, were also vacant of any emotions.

They appeared cold, dead, and soulless. <i>Like that of a monster who could beat someone to death.</i>

His clothes were neat and very expensive looking, but she couldn’t avoid tearing her eyes away from his bruised and slightly swollen knuckles. She shuddered as she recalled the violence she had witnessed the previous day of him spilling blood of several other men in a brutal way.

As she stood in front of the disturbing stranger, she realized the odds were stacked heavily against her. It would be next to impossible to convince someone like him of anything.

He would be the kind to throw around orders, not listen to a rational discussion. She knew she had a slim chance, but she had to fight back or even beg her way to freedom.

“I don’t want this wedding,” she repeated. “We can think of another solution. We should be able to come up with a reasonable… ” her voice trailed off when she saw him compressing his lips into a thin hard line as he began to walk towards her.

Her pulse sped up, beating wildly against her throat. Her heart began to pound hard in her chest until it ached. She wanted to scream and run away in fear, but she held her ground, keeping her eyes trained on him.

Through trembling lips, she spoke again. “I’m not from your world. I don’t belong in this place. Let me get back to my family,” she reasoned.

The man stopped in front of her until he was too close for comfort. She had to raise her eyes to look at him. She flinched at the look he was directing towards her.

His eyes were locked on her face as his mouth stretched into a cold smile. Slowly and deliberately, his eyes swept over her body dressed in traditional bridal attire. “Nothing and no one—including you—can stop this from happening. You will become my wife by tonight,” he vowed.

Listening to those words, her legs gave out from under, and she collapsed on her knees.

#Amazon Link: smarturl.it/boundbyrevenge

Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines Book 1) A CAPTIVATING and THRILLING romance set in a land of NO rules or law...Anika Patel had a perfect life—a loving family, a bright career and a man who was her best friend with a possibility of becoming something more. But one phone call and an impulsive decision changed it all. Stuck in a la...amazon.com