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K.J.V. Revelation chapter 11 VS 17-18 Saying, We give thanks, O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, which ARE, and WAS, and ARE TO COME; because you have TAKEN to YOURSELF YOUR GREAT POWER, and HAVE REIGNED.
And the NATIONS were ANGRY, and YOUR WRATH IS COME, and the TIME OF THE DEAD, that THEY SHOULD BE JUDGED, and that you should GIVE REWARD unto YOUR SERVANTS the PROPHETS, and to the SAINTS, and THEM that FEAR YOUR NAME, SMALL and GREAT; and SHOULD DESTROY THEM, which DESTROY the EARTH. (Note, This earth is alive, and through the power of God it is able to bring forth food, from the ground.
Earth is almost dead! It is being killed. There is a reason they are making a ton of GMO foods now. Genetically Modified Organisms, which appear to be the food, that we have always eaten. Food of another nature not intended for us from God. The ground is dying, and not able to produce much anymore. The ground is bleeding blood. The waters are showing the blood, that it is bleeding. Many rivers, turning blood red. The earth is screaming, and the ground is opening up, for the time of delivering the dead, with all, of the huge cracks, from earthquakes, and sinkholes appearing all around the world.
The labor pains, are being felt tremendously, at a quick growing rate to give birth, for relief, from all of this wickedness taking place! Just as a woman labors in pain, with many contractions, one getting more powerful, than the other the closer the precious child's birth nears! She wanting nothing more, but to be released from the pain, and the child struggling in pain, with both all of the mothers strength, and the child's strength for new birth.
Even so is it now! The powers that be ARE DESTROYING this EARTH at a RAPID RATE, with war blowing up many parts of the earth. Pumping tons of fuel out of the earth. Tons of waste poured into the waters, and on the land. Radiation spills, Nuclear spills. Playing with the weather with H.A.A.R.P. and CERN tearing down our atmosphere.
Tons of trees, being cut down, which provide oxygen. Spraying tons of chemicals into the air, known as CHEMTRAILS, which is killing the bees, that we need to keep the plants alive. Chemicals that are also getting into the water, the food, the animals, us. Tons of fish dying off one of our main food sources, along with animals, and birds, for these very reasons. One big chain reaction after another. Fracking causing man made earthquakes in places they should not be.
It is by the MIRACLE of our Holy Lord God that this world, has not fallen completely apart yet. Them digging into the earth building under ground cities, the lists goes on, and on, with the things they are doing to the earth. They will have to answer to our Lord God, and they will be DESTROYED, for it was our Lord God, that created this earth, to be inhabited, lived in!)
And the TEMPLE of GOD was OPENED IN HEAVEN, and there was SEEN IN HIS TEMPLE the ARK of HIS TESTAMENT: and there WERE LIGHTNINGS, and VOICES, and THUNDERINGS, and AN EARTHQUAKE, and GREAT HAIL. (Note, The Day of the Lord is Coming Soon! We are seeing a lot of lightning's, and thundering's! A Great Earthquake, along with Great Hail from heaven, is coming very soon.
When it does, no one will be able to deny it, for it will effect the entire world! The sad thing these days, unless a terrible, weather, or war tragedy, or death happens in someone's front yard, or home, they do not believe, that God's judgments, and His soon wrath is coming upon all those, who willingly live in sin, following Satan, and his lies, along with all evil that stands for him. Unless it happens to someone personally, it seems not to effect many people very much. Unless it is in their home town, their family it does not matter much to them. Many hearts have waxed cold these days, because the love of iniquity, which is wickedness abounds, as prophesied, by our Lord Jesus Christ, would happen towards the end of the world, when the great tribulation would start. long Floor-length prom formal wears in red
Their hearts have hardened, with not much love left in them. Filled with lust of self worship. Them not being able to see much past themselves, much less down the block. We know we are caught up in Satan's prison of sin, when we can not see, much past our self, and our own problems, to where other people's problems do not effect us much.
Many can not see into the next city. How than can we see into the next country of our brothers, and sisters tribulations, and trials they are going through? How can we see past this world into where our Father God dwells in the Third Heaven, where there is no darkness, when we can not look up to see our own sky, or feel the first heaven, which is the air?
When we can not see past the stars in the darkness of the night, which is in the second heaven, because we have allowed ourselves to be clouded with Satan's darkness in this world?
God said, do not be conformed to this world, but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind on a daily bases. We must renew our minds, with the word of God on a daily bases. Our God created the heavens, and the earth, and everything in them, along with the other worlds!
When we believe, and follow Him only we are joined heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ, known as the Children of all Royalty in Love, not in vain, or pride, but in thanksgiving unto our Holy Lord God. Do not allow this world to conform us to its lies, and deception in the tv, in the music, in their doings.
Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us, when the time of the end would be. He said when we saw all these things, come to pass, then we would have entered the beginning of sorrows, indicating the GREAT TRIBULATION! Many do not even know we are now in the Great Tribulation.
They get so used to the evil around them, the deaths around the world, and conform to it, and this evil world. Just in the last 5 years hundreds of thousands, have been killed, murdered, and died through war, and weather, sicknesses, around the world, that many of the numbers are not being fully reported, from plagues, famines, etc...They say in their minds, oh it is just another hundred or thousand people, being killed in that country, from war, and weather. It is always like that there.
How much more men, women, children, and babies have to die off, many even disappearing, never to be found again, for us to realize, that they are doing away with most of the people in the world? To realize that there are a lot less people, than what they report left in the world?
This should be a warning sign to us, to check our hearts, for one death, of one precious soul, of a precious child of God's creation, is terrible! Especially in the people that are killed, or died not in Christ, for they are the children of disobedience. The people that die without Christ await a fiery indignation, a fiery end in Hell. That is why we must, Preach, Teach, Minister, Evangelize, Witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ, until, by His grace He takes each, and everyone of us home.
If we deny the word of God to someone? We deny their way into the kingdom of Heaven! We deny the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who denies me, I too will deny him before my Father in heaven. We the children of the Light, the children of Love, the children of our God of Light, and Love, are seeing, and knowing all of these things, that are coming to pass, as prophesied in the HOLY SCRIPTURES, of our Lord God's Holy Bible Book of Love, that He left, for His children. We are seeing through His Spiritual eyes.
Pray for many to come to Jesus Christ our Lord, and Saviour in this great revival taking place. Pray that many are delivered, from the snare of the devil, that Satan holds captive at his will, for them willingly sinning, unto the Salvation of our Almighty Lord God in His Saving name Jesus Christ. Amen.
Love one another. Have mercy upon one another. Forgive, or we will not be forgiven, by our Father in heaven. Help one another expecting nothing in return, when we are blessed, by our Father God to. God does not ask us to do anything He would not do. He is a fair, just, righteous, true, and loving Father, who made us aware of the good, and evil before time in His Holy Bible.
We just have to read it. He sent His only begotten Son into the world, His heart, His love, to lay His life down on the Cross, and take it back up from the grave, in order for us to be forgiven, and have a way into eternal paradise in love, with no more pain, tears, sorrow, getting old, no more violence, no robbing, stealing, killing innocent ones. Is that not enough, of what He has done for us.
Yet He is still here leading, and guiding His obedient children, that listen to Him only. What a loving Holy Father God we have in our Lord God Jesus Christ. His counsel will STAND!)
K.J.V. St. Matthew chapter 24 VS 3-10, 32, 33.
And He sat upon THE MOUNT of OLIVES, the Disciples came unto Him privately, saying, Tell us, when WILL these things be? And WHAT WILL BE THE SIGN of YOUR COMING, and of THE END of THE WORLD?
And JESUS answered, and said unto them, TAKE HEED that NO MAN DECEIVE YOU.
For NATION WILL RISE AGAINST NATION, and KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM; and there WILL BE FAMINES, and PESTILENCES, and EARTHQUAKES IN DIVERS PLACES. (Note. We are seeing Nation rising against Nation, and Kingdom, against Kingdom. Earthquakes in divers places, meaning places they should not be, meaning it is dangerous for the earth to be relieved, where it needs no relief. Meaning man made, for the gain of their oil, of their riches, from running out of the main sources, of fuel, and oil, where they once gained them from.
Much famines, starvation taking place, from not enough food sources. Much pestilences, from insects mutating, eating, and destroying the crops. Much sicknesses, from man made diseases, flues, cancers, babies being born with tumors, deformed, from all the vaccines substances, that should not be in us, being put into them. The plagues of the ideas coming from the fallen angels, and the wicked people who choose to follow them, in order to destroy most of men, and womenkind.)
All THESE ARE the BEGINNING of SORROWS. (Note, Right here was our warning of when the Great Tribulation would start, when these things started to take place. The beginning of Sorrows, the beginning of the Great Tribulation.)
Then WILL THEY DELIVER YOU UP to be AFFLICTED, and WILL KILL YOU: and YOU WILL BE HATED of ALL NATIONS for MY name's SAKE. (Note, No question, that we are in this time when Christians, meaning Christ followers, are being hated, by all nations for our witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those of us who preach His truth, with it not, being watered down, are having the doors closed on us in this world, and many of our precious brothers, and sisters in Christ, are being killed. Will we not know these things are upon us? Seek our Lord Jesus Christ with everything in us, for we have not been appointed to wrath.)
And then MANY WILL BE OFFENDED, and WILL BETRAY ONE ANOTHER, and WILL HATE ONE ANOTHER. (Note, Many are hating each other, even within their own families. Parents killing their children, children killing their parents. Parents, and children raping one another, because of being filled with unclean spirits, devils possessing them, from the sin they welcome into their lives. There are hardly any morals left! It is in the news every day.
Clearly we are in the days, of Sodom, and Gomorrah! Perilous times, are upon the whole world. Very few loving families anymore, along with very few true friends, being found anymore. Many are betraying each other for meaningless mortal things in this life, that are temporary, like money, cars, houses, jewelry, drugs, selling each other. Many divorces, with husband, and wives sueing each other for all the money, or things they can get from one another.
Many marring for the gain of riches, of someone, and not for love. Going into something that should be precious from God of a husband and wife, being as one, with each other, being each others best friends, a help mate for one another, through good, and bad times. Instead many are marrying, and cheating on husbands, and wives on the very night of their wedding, after getting high, and drunk or just plain lusting after someone, that was supposed to be a family member or a friend in the family.
Sad, and terrible, that many are betraying one another living after their father of the sinful flesh Satan. What a shameful, and sinful generation we live in. When we willing do these things we follow him in his sin making him our father. We are no better than Adam, and Eve in the Garden of Eden, for we have then allowed Satan to tempt us, and cause us to fall from God's grace, as well.
We must follow our Father, that our soul of light came from in heaven. We must walk after the Spirit of Jesus Christ in our spirit. Stay in the word of God, and go and sin no more. Flee fornication which is forbidden intercourse. Flee all sin! Run away, from it not to it. Do not allow the Tempter Satan, to linger, to stick around long when he tries us, to see if we fall into sin.
Rebuke, which means correct Satan in the name of Jesus Christ, and he has to flee. Correct him, and show him he is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ get thee behind me Satan. Amen. Great will be our reward, of love, and eternal peace in heaven, if we keep all of God's commandments, staying in His word, each night, and day He blesses us with His life, for there is no life without Jesus Christ. Amen.)
So LIKEWISE YOU, WHEN YOU WILL SEE ALL THESE THINGS, KNOW that IT IS NEAR, EVEN AT the DOORS. (Note. It is near our brothers, and sisters in Christ. For all that call upon the name of the Lord, will be saved. If we have not called upon Him, I pray that you call upon Him now, for today is given, and tomorrow is not promised. In the Holy Almighty name of our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ.) Amen and Amen....