items to wear of the party

It is not easy to come forward about something when all you want to do is forget. It's also not easy to see the way victims are treated when they finally are brave enough to speak up.

The # metoo movement and everything going on in the news is as empowering as it is unsettling, although the only thing "surprising" about many of the allegations coming out is the fact that people are acting surprised at all.

I want to send my love to Corina Seligman for {once again} putting her story out there through her art and giving so many others a voice.

I hope you'll take some time to listen to her message {warning: some lyrics may trigger victims} and purchase this song to support PlannedParenthood.

Regarding the men being removed from their positions these last few weeks, I recently caught a Closer Look segment on Seth Meyers where he said, "Where are men getting this idea that standing there in your underwear is irresistible to the ladies?" items to wear of the party

While the segment was funny and well-written - it should be noted that men in power don't invite women to their office/hotel room with their pants down in an effort to seduce them.

It's never about seduction - it's about power. It's about unnerving another human when they're alone and vulnerable and then making your power move.

As Corina boldly says, "Whatever happens behind closed doors
Affects my life more than it does yours"