greek styled items to wear of the prom

Well Mya had a horrible accident today, she was walking her friend home and went to cross a street (yes she looked both ways), and she ran into the side of a moving vehicle, thank god it was going slow. It was just bad timing and both parties not seeing each other. Thankfully things weren't worse, but unfortunately still bad. She broke her tibia bone(shin) and her ankle. Her bones are still connected and it should heal pretty well. Poor baby is going to have almost a full leg cast, right now it's in a splint just in case it swells anymore. I feel so sorry for her. Scared the hell out of me because all I heard is that Mya got hit by a car, I don't think I have ever ran so fast in my entire life. The EMT, nurses and doctors were amazing at taking good care of her. This girl is a trooper with everything she had to endure. greek styled items to wear of the prom