formal dresses for pregnant ladies

Women are absolutely revolting and I don't just think that 'cause I'm straight. It's the truth. Look at all the fucking shit that comes out of them... piss, blood, placenta, discharge... they are just nasty. When I found out women could also cum, I was utterly shocked and disgusted. The idea my organs could possibly do that makes me uncomfortable and want to yank out all my sexual organs. I want them removed, aswel as my ovaries and womb. Not to be a man. Ew no way but just to be sterile and less gross. Imagine how awful it would be to be a man. Well you dont have to.. but it be awful.. feeling horny all the time, having to jerk off every two days. Like how they even manage to concentrate and work is beyond me. Thank fuck I dont have a sex drive and never have. I dont know what its like to want sex and after seeing the way it makes people act (i.e reckless, disrespectful, perverted etc.), I dont ever wanna know. It's so far removed and disconnected from my ideas of romance. If it was romantic and not animalistic, it wouldnt be so bad. But it is and so is having kids. Everyone should be castrated and sterilized. Then we would have less rape and no people born in poverty or with hireditary diseases from their selfish parents. Its the only true good there is but governments are too afraid to enforce it because they know people will be like... its my body, I can do what I want. Well people force human beings into existence every day of the week. Surely that too is an invasion of human rights. It would also be particulaty merciful if retarded people get aborted, put down or sterilized to prevent suffering. Single mothers who keep having children on purpose or by stupidity should also be sterilized. I'd LOVE to be sterilized but unfortunately you have to already have two kids which is stupid and almost defeats the purpose of it. Sure Id like a baby. I am tempted sometimes. But its selfish cause just look at the world. I think its really sad to look at a baby... knowing they are going to grow up and be corrupted by hormones and society... even before they grow up. How do fathers feel comfortable with it... or mothers.. KNOWING men are not capable of love or romance. How can we teach lies to children and fairytales and bring a child into a world full of filth (pornography, promiscuity and heartache). Its just wrong and disturbing. Sex is either romantic or not. Its one or the other. If men don't get castrated... they might aswel just kill themselves. I hate them even standing near me... sucking up air and wasting oxygen. I'M SO HAPPY testicular Cancer exists. I WHOLEY support it 100%. It's great and funny. Plus the ultimate revenge. All men do is get stupid women pregnant... then fuck off or stay.. getting in the way. Unable to nuture, connect or relate emotionally. Basically being useless. Its a good job they can build. Otherwise theyd be really no purpose for them other than fucking. I love the thought of them wanking as they usually do, then finding a lump HAHAHAHAHA SUPRIZE. When I'm enraged.. I should think about this more often. Its comforting.. aswel as STD's, unwanted pregnancy & Aids. Even too much sex can cause general infections. Simply fucking a man can knock a woman's PH off for days. That's another reason to stay clear of them. I also think breast Cancer is GREAT. MOST Irish women deserve it because its been proven that 99% of it is caused by alcohol. Therefore we should stop wasting money on finding 'a cure'. Just stop fucking drinking too much. Breasts are literally useless anyway. It be an excuse to get rid of mine as they are ONLY for men's sexual pleasure and for babies to hang off. Its so degrading.. to have these objects. I'd HATE to be a man though. I just don't like that I'm suppose to be a sexual, re-producing human. I've wanted to but the people I've liked didn't want me. Maybe I'm not thin enough. Well newsflash... ALL women are ugly and look like sows. Even skinny girls look like sows with their tits. They are like piglets. Enough shit comes out of them without milk. Women are only good for raising spoilt, disrespectful little shits anyway whos existense is completely unnecessary. If you know you've changed their diaper, fed them, gave them a soother etc. There's absolutely no reason to be answering to every single cry. This is why we have kids screaming their heads off to always get what they want. And the parents are so dumb .. they honestly expect their children to be grateful one day and visit them, maybe even care for them. That is rarely the case. formal dresses for pregnant ladies