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Folks, this is from friend Mary on what it means that Trump is a malignant narcissist:

"Trump is my ex-boyfriend. Not literally but as a Narcissistic personality - 100%- those who share the NPD diagnosis are all the same. His name is Kevin Keith Yuskis. Before I met him, I knew nothing about NPD.

The primary things to know about NPD: They are hollowed out, superficial vampires that are cunning and charismatic upon 1st meeting. They are masters at flattery. They excel at drawing you in because they tell you what you want to hear. They are excellent at reading a room. Why? Because they feed off attention. They truly don't care if it's positive or negative. Doesn't matter. flowy prom collections of chiffon

NPDs have ZERO boundaries or respect for boundaries. It's all about power and control. Grandiosity. Ordinary human rules of civility do not apply to these sick individuals.

They are pathologically dishonest. They make the reality they are comfortable in and that reality for NPDs means never being wrong and projecting their faults onto others. Fragile egos. If you're involved with someone like this 1 on 1 you understood gas-lighting long before Trump ran for office. NPDs will lie about big and small stuff. They cannot be wrong.

They are cruel both physically and emotionally. If you cross their perverse sense of entitlement or what it means to be loyal - they will kill you literally or trash talk your reputation before moving on to next victim.

They are irredeemable. I like to think everyone is redeemable, but it isn't so. NPDs are right up there with child molesters in terms of psychiatric help - just nope, doesn't work. Neither group thinks they need help. Not surprising to me that Trump supports Moore.

Finally, the ONLY way to escape the grasp of an NPD is to leave and ignore them entirely. When you leave is when you're most endangered. Me and many others have been fortunate to leave these sick relationships at least bodily intact. Many have not been as comparatively fortunate.

But HOW do you ignore the POTUS? You can't. We can't. I just wanted to share with each of you that whether you realize it or not, whether you voted for him or not, you're in an abusive relationship.

I share my experience with you to encourage you. Believe your eyes, your ears, your gut and fight back. If Trump were a private citizen, I'd be content to pity him. But he's not.

I do not regret my relationship with Kevin Keith Yuskis. If for no other reason it gave me deep insight into NPD and Trump before he was elected. I share this with you to prepare you that Trump is increasingly cornered and it may get horrid worse. Likely will. I wish none of us were going through this.

You're not losing your mind. A sick man enabled by a greedy cabal that's what's going on. They are the sickness. We are the cure."