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To find out the possible causes of stomach pain, here are the patient asked. First, where does the stomach hurt? Second, what else do you feel?
Let's learn the possible cause of abdominal pain:
1. Ulcer or hyperacidity - when the pain is above the stomach and in the middle, or a little left, this is the stomach area. Potential ulcer or hyperacidity your pain. This pain feels when you are hungry or even a new meal. The pain loses when you eat banana or bread. Drink too much water.
2. Gallbladder Stones - when the pain is above the stomach and on the right, this is the positioning of gallbladder or gallstones. Possible you have kidney stones. Sometimes this pain is also responding to the back of the back. The pain comes also when you eat greasy and fatty foods. An ultrasound of the stomach to find out if you have kidney or nothing. evening items to wear of the sexy pattern
3. Appendicitis - when below and right place, this is the place of appendix. The disease of appendicitis begins in the stomach and after 2-3 days switching to the right. This place hurts when you press. Consult the doctor immediately.
4. Colic - when around the pain and no permanent place, it is probably in the contraction of the intestines. The call here is colic and not dangerous. You might have broken your stomach with a bad diet and you're just magtatae.
5. Gastroenteritis - if you mahilab your stomach and diarrhea, it is probably due to gastroenteritis or infection that got in or bad food. Drink plenty of water and eat bananas.
6. Amebiasis - when you have a bowel movement and there is a streaks and blood, this potential amebiasis. Take medicine.
7. Kidney infection or stones - when in the abdomen hurts and burning your urination, possibly have an infection in the urine or with kidney stones (Kidney Stones). See if the urine is red because it's a sign of stone. A check to know the pain.
8. Pain in the uterus or ovaries - when a woman and in the abdomen, it's possible in the ovary and uterus your problem. It can be dysmennorhea (pain when your period is close), Ovarian Cyst (tumor in the ovary) or myoma.

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