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PEARL's Big Girl Dilemma ( scene from Enheduanna )

Pearl's now a Fifth Avenue peach ..that in her vast miscast past ..beat drugs.
But she's kinda shakey ..and still needs support people and hugs.
But her younger sister's band is aghast ..& down-right downcast.
JET was arrested ..for drugs ..on the evening newscast.
"Could Pearl sit in & sing with us ?" ..they ask.
But at that Skid Row club's tuff to stay clean & steadfast.
There ..potential kid-victims are within such easy reach ..of the sticky mean grasp ..of drugs.
Sold on the street have to walk past ..or your money's gone fast ..for drugs.
And you become a full-time leech ..duty-bound daily relieve the mundane .. with the insane "having a blast" ..with drugs. detachable wedding dresses
Becuz she said "talk" to "preach"
Pearl had "no one" at last ..but drugs.
Too damned smart to teach ..a life almost wasted & trashed ..for drugs.
So into that breech charges ..the formerly smashed
Our girl-harassed ..Pearl ..with slim to no hope ..her desire has passed ..for drugs.
I've got a credit line ..for money ..& kind of a NAME.
So it ain't jus' me ..goin' down the bowery.
It's my image record company ..and my claim to fame.
And to me ..the press ain't always ..been too flowery.

I take a cab ..I'm "a cheap creep ..watchin' the tab"
I get out of a limo ..I'm "the uptown bimbo" ..It's ALL bad !!

The paparazzi will be crazed.
They've done stories ..on what's in my purse !
I'll be totally criticized ..but only half-praised.
But NOT goin' just as bad ..or worse !
This ..the "big apple" ..America's downtown.
And I'm the top ..unimportant thing ..goin' down.
To my fans ..helpin' a sista ..always come first.
The show must go on get Jet her bail.
I can't be kickin' it ..upper East Side ..while she sits in jail.
I can't walk my little dog ..without a Moslem veil.
A girl ain't always ready to lead a publicity parade.
Of what I so afraid ?
Drugs ! ..I want something "good for me" NOW ..and I don't mean kale.

Drugs have fingers ..that reach out ..and grab
To pull you back ..into ..habits self-destructive ..& BAD.
They must make you less ..becuz drugs don't add.
They're a minus my present Royal Highness
And it's been so long ..since I was THAT ..pharmaceutically sad
Ever since I was stopped at the border ..with Jet's prescription drug order
That I wished that time ..I didn't have ..but I DID ..have.
When a minor celebrity has drugs ..the world goes majorly mad.

So I have choosen publicly ..& discreetly
To avoid the drug-scene completely.
And here I hide I reside ..on my Upper Eastside Cloud
Heaven ..I'll bet you ..has a Fifth Avenue ..& a Central Park
Of which ..GOD is very proud.
So why should I worry ?
This "sittin'-in" story ..does seem a tale to warm the heart.

I'll just avoid dressing rooms & closets for brooms ..where laws are broken
And lives ..and families torn apart.
And my career might self-destruct ..from a trash rack front page.
But I DO ..want to sing those songs ..You know ..I co-wrote them.
I'll just come in ..and go straight to the stage
And sing my songs of history's first author ..a King's daughter ..a heroine for all the ladies.
It's just so ironic ..the club's name .."Sargon's Road to Hades"
But to tell the truth ..I do feel like doin' ..a prehistoric show ..tonite.
I'd sure like get a little ..UN-CIVIL-IZED
And to pretend it's eons ago ..when I'm ..waitin' on line
To get into Satan's one-stop Drug Disco ..Lightshow ..& Party to Crime
To see ..& be seen ..where things ..go DOWN ..that have UP ..& died.
Where no one seems mind the screams.
The whole ..soul-less place a crime scene !!

As the Ancient Myth ..has been told ..& re-told in ways ..from risque' to crude
To pass each devilish level ..Lucifer wants to get paid ..& He'll take a trade.
So Enheduanna gave up her hat ..then her cloak ..then her shoes
Until she was totally ..but for her underwear ..nude
And at a lethal dis-advantage ..mis-thought ..the Devil.
But here's the rub Beelzabub .. Of demons ..Goddesses aren't afraid.
In fact ..our Heroine dares the Devil ..She better NOT have one kernal
A-trouble ..a-gettin' outa the underworld ..after her friend's funeral
Becuz' those Rules of Hell ..shouldn't apply Her ..mythic mystical kind.
"Devil's Doorman ..Can't you see the Moon cool high ?
So hazy ..not sharp crazy ..not dark.
Well ..I'm the woman ..that's gonna strum ..THAT lunar harp.
I set the vibes ..for all the minds ..of the tribe ..that's up & open at night.
You're ALL ridin' the waves of MY Fate ..MY high & low tides
Kiss MY sword ..then climb onboard ark.
I'm Goddess of the MOON ..son
Representin' a Heavenly body from
Down here ..'round these Earthly parts.
Lightin' up the nite ..but just a bit ..addin' intrigue ..& romance to it
Shadows ..& moonbeams balance the stark
Sun-lit ..truth ..of the brite lite of day
Streamin' from my subtle light booth
Illuminating only half ..the truth
Soft reflections ..that let's a body be
Not what they are ..but just ..what they seem
Free of promises ..& prejudices.
There's no well-defined edges Visions ..Premonitions ..or Dreams.
Each morning at Moonset ..all that's not real yet ..evaporates with me tea-kettle steam.