cocktail wears in navy blue

Its all about the passion.
Love isnt a feelin' .. its a collection of feelings.
Its passion about every single detail about the one in front of u .. its not bein' the same or havin' the same way of thinkin'. Its about understandin' each part to the other's way of thinkin'. cocktail wears in navy blue
It about that anger u have when she exposes herself to danger.
Its about sharin' the thoughts, sadness, interests, happiness and craziness.
Its about respectin' each other not because of anythin' except that relationship is like a very big paint. Any error no matter whoever is doin' it. It affects the whole paint.
Its about buildin' and survivin' .
Its about the ups and downs .. the very moment that shows whats trully in the heart.
Its about that someone being ur home.
Its about those seconds when u remember how many times the life looked so dark but u together have succeeded to get through.
How many times everythin' looked like endin' but that complicated thing inside u got u to the light.
Its about those seconds when u see ur whole family full of life and laugh and realize how old u're.
Its not about a promise of having wonderful happy life but a promise to be a partner for life.
You dont promise cars, money or diamonds but a home for life.
Its about those seconds when u look into ur wife's eyes and realize how damn deep u're fallin' in her warm love.
Its about how every single time you touch her, you fall in love like its the first time.
its about hearts.
Its beautifully complicated ^^