cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding


This being December 1st allowed the memory of Sears Robuck Christmas catalog offerings.
That precious book having arrived in early November had lost print and picture color from all the looking and fingerprints smeared on all over the pages of toys.
Dolls and cowboy stuff pages being the first to be accidentally ripped.

" Mama, he snatched it."
" You all gon carry stripes when your Daddy gets in ".
" But Mama, I had it first ".
" Put it right there on the shelf and go fill that wood box ".

" Hrrumph".
" Told you ".

So, all November we looked and wished and kinda prayed that Santa might be wealthy enough this Christmas to bring the thing we wanted most.
How could children of shared poverty like the Smith Family expect to get a doll with real hair showing from under a bonnet and a frilly dress with sweet little plastic shoes on her feet? How could Santa be expected to bring Rayford a Roy Rogers cap pistol, fringed vest and chaps to boot. How could he afford that Spaulding basketball for Humpy, or that Remington squirrel rifle. cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding

" Daddy, I could kill more squirrels if I had a rifle, just like
" It would do better than that sling shot, wouldn't it?"
"Daddy, then I might get my bicycle if he gets a rifle"?
" Y'all gon sit there and wait for Santa Claus to feed them hogs"?

December rolled in with want and wait.
Mama waited by the mailbox to buy a money order from Mr. Ollie Jordon our mail carrier so she could send off her Sears Roebuck Christmas order.


The mailbox flled with Christmas cards from Smith relatives and neighbors.

Christmas party's at school gave us a break until after New Years.
We made our business on the front porch and in the front yard around mid morning to wait for Mr. Ollie.
Mama seemed anxious as she worried about the most important delivery of the year unless it was a baby.


Mr. Ollie blew his car horn.
Even the birddog pointed...........

" Mama, it's Mr. Ollie.
" Bet he got Mama's package".

It was.
BUT, Mama didn't open that package.

Shoulders drooped, dirt was kicked, cats were scatted, dogs were sic'ed, the baby cried and slobbered. We all limped away to sulk and wonder.

Christmas Eve had Mama and Daddy on a trip into Atmore for.
" A little Christmas shopping".


"Mama and Daddy's Home".
( followed by explosion of Smith young'uns).

Lots of sneaking around with paper sacks and smells of apples and oranges wafting.

Our hearts beat.................
"Oh, I need to go".

Our fireplace and the kitchen stove roared with hot fires.
Mama cooked a big supper.
We had the jitters.
The icicles on the Christmas tree sparkled.
We gathered in front of the fireplace.


Daddy and Mama opened that big old brown two ply paper wrapped Sears Roebuck package to show us our new heavy gauge aluminum water bucket filled to the top with individually wrapped hard candies.

Celeophane wrappers crackled until bedtime.

Santa was still coming tonight to put a toy under the tree for us.

Jesus got a birthday, Mama got a new water bucket, we got a sugar headache, Daddy got to enjoy the fruits of his labor.