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Here we go again, in 1980 Reagan whipped the country up into a paranoid frenzy about Carters last budget deficit a total of 60 billion dollars. He and his party hyped about the drug epidemic and he rode a wave of hysteria into the Oval Office. Trickle down gave huge tax breaks to the corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans. We who have lived in Kansas since the election of Sam Brownback, 30 years have passed since the trickle down theory began, bankrupted our state. Reagans first budget deficit 250 billion dollars, the national debt rose from 1 trillion dollars to 5 trillion dollars by the time Reagan and Busch got done. That was from 1980 to 1992 twelve years. As far as the drug epidemic more people are dying now from drug overdoses than ever before, now here we go again talk about the same old same old. The Republicans do not give a rats ass about the deficit unless they are the opposition party, that was all they hyped about under Obama and hell the greatest part of that was Bush and his war in Iraq another total and complete Republican failure. Corporate America is all ready planning massive stock buy backs and raising CEO wages nothing in it will raise wages for the middle class. It will contribute at minimun another 1 trillion to the debt now that the republicans are writing the checks the debt is no big deal. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching
The truly galling aspect in all of this 70 out of 99 state legislatures, majority of the Governors, the House and the Senate and the White House are all controlled by the Republicans. State legislatures and the Governors have been for some time dominated by Republicans, when oh Lord will the American people wake up the Republicans have had their hands on the steering wheel for quit some time, yet I have people tell me that it is all the democrats fault. That is the conservaturd agenda blame everyone else, pander paranoria and fear. Keep the masses divided and going after each other on issues like abortion, gun control. health care etc,etc,etc. the whole time the Republicans are running this country into the ground giving away the bank to to corporations and the wealthiest one percent. the very people that need it the least while that cut funding for programs like meals on wheels, banner day for the party of deception.