beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

On this day in which the weather is wintered and unrelenting, the winds howl outside, battering against the old windows as I walk downstairs. The cookies are almost done and the smell of chocolate chip cookies is piercing my nose. I peer over the banister and I find peace as I see the warm ambient lights in my home pierce the dark snow filled day. There are glimmers of blue sky that make the flakes of Father Winter sparkle and gleam. Almost like a flash of hope, something whispers quietly in the silence of the house, something's coming. The quiet songs of Pandora's Christmas station in the background. It's mesmerizing sit under the warmth of my blanket made of old quilt patches and watch these tiny snowflakes dance gleefully as they chase each other like young children at playtime. The star on the Christmas tree is crooked, but boasts about so many memories on it's branches. Under it sits the kids nativity set. beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Baby Jesus is not yet present.

And almost as if it was orchestrated, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" comes over the station and I am invitted to contemplate my thoughts just a bit longer. I sit here and ponder the meaning of this time of year, the time when The Christ child was born to be a light into the dark world. When finally hope arrived in the form of a baby that would be fully human, yet fully God. A time in which our hope of restoration with our Abba Father was coming to fruition. The silence, the oppression would soon be broken as God's people had been crying out for a Savior.

Most of the time, I don't like sitting in the dark, but as I ponder these thoughts, how comforting I find it to be as a sit by the soft glow of our sweet smelling tree as I grasp firmly my warm cup of a coffee with caramel and chocolate. And I sit here breathing in the smells of Christmas, meditating and tasting all of its goodness and just feeling overwhelmed with peace and gratitude. I can't help but think if wasn't for the dark, I wouldn't appreciate the light and if it wasn't for the cold, I wouldn't appreciate the warmth. And if it wasn't for the heartache of this world, well, I wouldn't have a desperate need for hope, heaven and for my Jesus. So as I sit here quietly thinking all these things, I sit here eagerly awaiting not just the celebration of Christ's birth, I anxiously await his second return.

I don't know what you find yourself waiting for this season, but embrace the waiting with expectation and excitement. Everything about today is a tremendous gift. # raisingchickandchildren # Christmastime # AllaboutJesus # farmhouseChristmas