baby garments for flower girl

Poor Rhett has the WORST diarrhea. He is pooping (basically water) every 30 minutes or so. No exaggeration. We have gone through almost 60 diapers since noon yesterday. There is nothing they can give him to help because of the PICC line (no probiotics) and his CF (we don't want him to become constipated and create a blockage.) As you can imagine his little hiney is raw and bleeding. baby garments for flower girl

The regimen they have us on is not cutting it. Any secrets out there? We can't use baby powder or corn starch. They have given us a special powder that is safe to use but it does NOTHING. My go to is usually cornstarch, as it knocks it right out. This is horrible. He can't even sit down. :(

Something that I can get access to in the next day or less is best!