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Nephropathy during pregnancy should pay attention!
During pregnancy need to pay attention to many problems, some people unknowingly suffer from kidney disease during the period, and are there any symptoms of kidney disease?
The symptoms of kidney disease do not pay attention to the problem can not be found in time, the following together to see what symptoms of kidney disease in the end!
1, urine discoloration: urine was dark brown, wash water samples, soy sauce color or mudd ... y, such as Taomi Shui, immediately see a doctor.
2, many urinary foam, long-term does not disappear: This shows that more urine excretion of protein.
3, nocturnal urine: normal in 60 years of age, generally should not have nocturia, if nocturnal increase in young people, it is likely to be an early manifestation of renal dysfunction.
4, excessive or too little urine: normal urine output of 1500 ml per day, 4-8 times a day. If there is no fever, a large number of sweating, drinking water, etc., a sudden drop in the amount of urine or suddenly increased, it is necessary to the hospital to check to see if it is kidney disease. DressAfford vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length
5, edema: eyelid or facial edema after getting up in the morning, subsided in the afternoon, increased after exertion, relieve after rest. Severe edema will appear in the medial ankle, lower extremity, lumbosacral and so on.
6, low back pain: There is no definite reason for low back pain, and the kidney, spine and back muscles should be examined.

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