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Haim and I - our common beginnings
November 29, 1947 ...
The trip was prolonged. Shortly after the full sea, the engine broke down. The French captain, the stocky man, was still drunk, ordered to open the sails. People were sick, nausea. We were choking under the deck, because we were rarely allowed to go outside. The British watched the sea from the air and from special ships to detect illegal immigrants coming to Palestine illegally. The elevated mood that accompanied us so far has disappeared. We have lost the constant rumors of a difficult situation in Palestine and our chances of being safe there. Hardly salted, disgusting canned fish and hard as kexa fish were hardly swallowed. They were the only food that the guides from "Hagany" gave us. We did not even get enough water. We moved slowly after the stormy waves. Resignation deepened. We only dreamed of getting to the hard ground, no matter where it was - Cyprus or another place - just to finally get to some shore! And only water, the sky, and waves sailing around us. DressAfford maternity and pregnant wedding dresses
Suddenly we noticed that a ship similar to ours was near us. Immediately rushed to help. On board were Jewish immigrants from Morocco, about 50 people. Among the survivors were sick, wounded, pregnant women. They were taken to us. One God knew how in that narrow space they were able to hold them! The arrivals began to sing, applauding rhythmically in the beat of oriental melody, ignoring general confusion and exhaustion. Perhaps it was the expression of thanksgiving for the rescue, the joy of saving life?
... It was the end of November 1947. We approached slowly to the shores of Palestine. We were mostly lying in the damp and cramped under the deck. Whoever fainted, he received from Tosca, a guide from Erec, an extra portion of water and a slice of lemon. We were consoled that we would soon be eating oranges. For the time being, it was a long night. In such unhappy mood, news arrived on November 29th that the United Nations decided to create a Jewish state in Palestine-inhabited areas! Everyone started kissing and crying with joy. Again enthusiasm, hope. We forgot about suffering and deprivation for a moment. From here we went to our state of Israel, not to the English of Palestine!
... The ship was circling a dozen or so hours around the southern borders of Palestine. The "Hagany" guides who maintained their telephone and radio contact with their comrades in the country all the time and received instructions from them, were going to blow us up here. It did not work. The English were very careful about those "Hagana" points. So we had to continue on the sea and wait for a happy occasion to go unnoticed to the shore. We sailed near Alexandria and other places, approached and departed.
On the night of December 3, 1947, the ship abandoned anchor near Tel Aviv. At the lights off, he stopped from the shore, as before two weeks in Bandol. End of the crossing? We prayed for it the most.
At the exit of the deck, there was a flicker of lights on the homes of the Telavivs ... They all rushed to the exit and to the upper reaches to see for themselves and see what was going on outside. Are not the British arriving to send us to Cyprus? There was tremendous tension, hearts were pounding us, emotion had no boundaries. Guides scream to move away from the outlet. They will notice us from the outside and it will be bad. But it was not easy to control. Everybody else looked and conveyed to the rest of what he saw. Our nervousness and tension increased with each passing moment.
Suddenly, the outlines of tiny boats emerged from the darkness. The boats approached us quickly and lightly. Finally they were with us. The men jumped silently into the ship. They quietly issued regulations and helped people get off the ship to rubber boats. The backpackers ordered us to leave - they will carry them later. We must hurry before the English will see something. The guides grabbed the paddles with one hand and led us to these flashing lights - ashore, straight to Tel-Aviv. Heads of English stammered again and again. However, they did not catch us. Still a few dozen meters and we are in place!
On the coast were dozens of people organized by the "Hagana". We were immediately involved in the crowd, so as not to be caught by the English if they suddenly appeared. We were served hot tea, oranges, sweets and brought to the waiting cars, which were taken to designated homes in Tel-Aviv. Two to three people were housed in one apartment, where the hosts warmly took care of us. Having dealt with the deployment of people, "night sailors" brought us things from the ship. Everything went smoothly and smoothly. This night was like a fantastic movie like, like a fairy tale ... It was a fulfillment.