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Lilypad PUPDATE!

So you all know we had the event at Viking Vet today and it was awesome! We got there early so we could get Lilypad seen for repeat labs and hopefully get urine for testing. I gave Lil fluids this morning before we left. What they do is ultrasound to find the bladder, then insert a needle and draw out the urine. The first attempt, there was no urine in her bladder still so we waited awhile. Second attempt, they couldn't find her bladder. So weird. They finally found it up high and to the right. No clue why, but there was urine so they were able to draw. Her bladder wall is still very thick. Unfortunately, the urine was very cloudy. So after three weeks (again) of antibiotics, looks like we still have an infection. It's been sent out for culture. Also, because Lilypad is Lilypad, she was holding her breath during the procedure and had to be given oxygen. My little drama queen. DressAfford maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral

Her labs were correct. She does have elevated Potassium and creatinine. BUN is elevated but less elevated than it has been. Doc Is sending all of this to the Specialist for review so we can get an idea of next steps.

Lil has lost about 5 pounds over the last couple of weeks so she's looking pretty thin. Her spirit is of course awesome because that's who she is. I'll update as I hear back about what the specialist says.

As you can see, Bane-Berry felt Lilypad needed hugs after all the poking.