DressAfford lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding

Making a list of everything wrong someone's done in life, When they repent, isn't giving the Love you want, "Love holds no a record of Wrong" period.. "God is Love, Love God and Jesus Supremely by keeping his commands" you either Do or don't, are or are not.. if we ignore and hide what weve done and do, we quickly forget the good others have done, try to do, and are prepared to do, as we justify our own sick heart, and condemn and refuse love, spreading that illness to others lives and homes.. actions and words, pictures prove our heart, so go find a mirror, try to picture how you look to Jesus, read the Gospel Truth, Gods pill, then repent, change your habits because tomorrow may be to late, you can control yourself and only yourself fully, We Do and always have received back what we give, good and bad, for ourselves and the ones closet to us suffer or are blessed, it's written, a believer of the Gospel Truth can't not ignore the fact that all choices effect others, almost more than ourselves, and sacrifice! pride and the selfish desires, to help, and stop, hurting others. similar to how second hand smoke is actually more harmful than first hand, that specific selfishness, is physical, yet people ignore the truth and consequences of even as it effects there own children, I've seen.. felt and watched them destroy the strong, kill.. first hand, So you aren't the only one that has made mistakes, and caused others to suffer for our personal selfishness, physically and spiritually. This isn't judgment, it's through obedience and the strength I've found in the Gospel Truth, to be set free and actually put in effort to help others, When we know the Good we should do and don't do it, that is sin, and Only the truth will set you free. DressAfford lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding # CareForSomeoneElse # ForALastingChange # YouCreateYourMirror look up the definition of narcissism and compare that to your own person profile, And at least Start with Not believing and telling lies to yourself. There's other people that need that honesty, that can't stand up for themselves. # TakeThePlankFromYourOwnEye # ThenASplinterFromYourBrothers I love you, If i was on my
Own accord, I would still be silent. And ignorant but # LoveDoesntReturnEvilForEvil now, Gentlemen, # Honestly how this applies to men and women.. because we shouldn't read the word to apply it to someone else first, they must apply it after seeing Hearing and Seeing the truth maintained, in order for a Christian woman to maintain her strength, In a Relationship with a man, the mans heart has be truely Obedient to the Word of God, then he will know how to Love and Lead.. because "Those who despises correction are foolish." And "Pride goes before the fall." ook up the definition of narcissism and sociopath and compare that to your own life in how you treat everything, your dog(pets),friends, enemies, work, affairs, children.. then make the changes needed before you condemn others. That's Love.