DressAfford lace collections for formal party

My David took me to see a very amazingh decorated for Christmas and was focused on Christ centered since we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Messiah, after all. It's just now a secular winter holiday yet the truth is, the only real difference in how we celebrate it is it's more commercial and the emphasis is on spending tons of money because if you don't spend exorbitant amounts of money on your gifts, you should be ashamed. Personally, do not give me anything that I have to worry I'll get it dirty or lose it.

I have only spent more than $20 on a dress (oh, and $100 on the ugliest bridesmaid dress ever) and that was on a absolute gorgeous wedding dress that I bought at Belk's on sale because they were getting rid of all the display dresses. It was the first one I saw, expecting it to be at least $750 or more. Imagine how awesome it was that my dress and a floor length 3 layered veil with a pearl band that was so perfect for my dress I thought it was together. The total for both, including tailorin it for me was only $225. My wedding was God blessed. We're still happy...in fact happier... now. Don't believe that getting married just anywhere or the covenant promise you make between you, your spouse and God doesn't matter. I did it once by a someone legally allowed to marry people and was abandoned and cheated on within 4 months after our son was born. DressAfford lace collections for formal party
My second was at my sister's house and a pastor performed it but we ch a little. That one lasted 5 years and I was abused in every sense of the word. We're great friends now and I forgave him years ago.

This time, I decided it would be by a man of God, in church and make a solemn promise to God on the altar. Did it really make a difference? Yes because I knew if I lied to God on His altar, in His House of Worship, where I felt His presence, it wouldn't last or would be miserable but not blessed. When I got serious about my faith, I am convinced that the only way our marriage is forever is because I did it His way, not mine. Now, just because the Holy Spirit led me to do it this way does NOT mean it's your way.

What does matter is whether or not you take your vow to your spouse and God seriously. If not, why bother?

Pics of the decorated house will be posted next if I figure out how, lol. God bless and sorry I got off track yet again, lol