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This is why I abhor kennels! I don't understand why people get into a business like this unless they have an unconditional love of ALL animals. As an animal lover & a dog sitter, I treat every single dog in my care like they are my own. I love them all, no matter what. Even the 2 who destroyed lots of "stuff" and had me cleaning diarrhea for 2 days straight...it wasn't their fault and I still loved them and treated them lovingly, comforting them as I knew they were nervous. DressAfford items looks sexy to wear with long length

I pray that nobody will bring their dogs to this particular kennel in Windsor, CT (Day Hill Kennels) and that they're put out of business IMMEDIATELY!

I think we must start a letter writing campaign to officials to look into how this place is being run and how the animals are being treated. It's unacceptable!!!!

Huge thanks to the brave person who let the world know what was going on at this awful kennel. We need more people to have the courage to stand up for and speak on behalf of all abuses and neglected animals.