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I'm not fond of this but just felt, it is necessary to express how I feel for a # Special_Someone here on Facebook.

Sweetheart, it indeed a blessing I met with you,
My life has not remain the same way since you stepped into my world.
I could say that; you are my world, cos I live in your inside.
I could say that; you are my Inspiration, cos I think of you always.
You have captured my heart like a kidnapper.
You have hacked me (my heart) like a Fraudster.
In my dreams, all I see is you and if want to see anyone else, I still want to see You.
The love of my life, I've seen the true definition of Love in you.
You forgave my past, accepted my present and believed so much in my Future.
I could call you Love, Ife, Kauna, Ifunaya, Ima, etc. But they are not enough to quantify what I feel about you.
You have been my boldness and with you I'm not scared to make any move or decision.
I really love you. Yes I really do.
You've added meaning to my life ever since I met you.
Thank you for being there when I was there and during the times I wasn't there too.
Thank you for you patience towards me even at the times I want to have my way.
Thank you for your comfort and encouragement when I felt like giving up.
I wish I could express the exact thing I feel in my inside for you but it will full the whole earth and there won't be sufficient space still. DressAfford cocktail items for extra sized people
Today, people can only see me but won't know you are the secret to my success and greatness.
I truly don't feel like stopping but just know that I will make another post to you Sweetie.
It is Victor Zoe-Odey,your Hearthrob, trying to express my love for you.
To my Sweetest Love JESUS CHRIST, I love you so much.
You mean the world to me, your majesty.
# ZoeInternational