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Update on Briannas situation. We had court today where Brianna testified that her mother had told her if she escaped and came to her she would spend time with Brianna so Bri ran away and that her mom gave her the vape pen with the volatile concoction that had Bris heart rate so high she was critical when she got to the hospital and it was the same Judge and prosecutor she was in front of the last time she testified that her mom was the one doing meth with her. This time the j ... udge put a 2 year no contact order against her mom. The prosecutor then went to the child support prosecutor and turned Ruths $18,000 delinquent child support case from a civil case to a criminal case so Ruth would have to go do some serious prison time this time. Finally an end to her doing this shit to my daughter before i ended up burying my beautiful daughter. Thank God!! Brianna was sent back to juvenile detention in Hamilton county until her next court date October 23rd when they will tell her where she will go and how long she will be incarcerated. Brianna still complains that her chest is sore and tight and her mind is still cloudy from the Molotov cocktail her mother gave her. Before the hearing Joe Buser ( the prosecutor) took me into his office and told me he had a report on me as well for the battery on Ruth but said he wasn't going to act on it because he understood my reaction and knows i used to have a really bad temper but told me to keep my cool and stay away from Ruth because my kids need me out here and he didn't want to have to put me in jail and I apologized and told him I lost my head when the ambulance pulled away with my overdosed daughter and i tracked her down. I promised i would stay away from Ruth and wait for them to get her. Thank the Lord for today's turn out and that Ruth will finally pay for her deadly behavior with my daughter. Thanks once again for the angel Tiffany Quigg that brought my daughter back to me and the court system for ending Ruths deadly rein on my daughter and thank you to all my Facebook family and friends for all the help, love and prayers. I will continue to ride this out right beside my daughter and we will get through this together. DressAfford 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

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