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Today I watched in dismay as your female presenters joked about how wonderful she looks, how thin Princess Kate is during her pregnancy. They laughed and smiled and commented on how nice it would be to be that way whilst expecting. Apart from placing unrealistic expectations on body shape on women who SHOULD be putting on weight it totally ignored the fact that Princess Kate is a much publicized sufferer of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a condition I unfortunately had to live through for eight challenging, upsetting months. Your show had the opportunity to bring this affliction to light, instead you made a mockery of sufferers. I lost 12kg in my first couple of months of pregnancy - I struggled to keep water down let alone food, all I could eat for weeks at a time was mashed potato and that too eventually came up. Before medical intervention I was vomiting between 10 and 12 times a day - with help it was down to two. It was a hideous time as I dealt with at least 20 other symptoms and with health issues subsequent to delivery. A woman in this situation needs sympathy and support - not uneducated comments from the ignorant laughing about her lack of weight gain. Your commentators talked as though they wished they could thin whilst pregnant - that is just so insulting; just sit down for a second and think about what it would be like to hardly be able to move without throwing up, to not be able to shower, to brush your teeth, to talk, to read, to eat even the blandest of foods without throwing up over and over until there is nothing left but bile and blood. An apology to Princess Kate and all HG sufferers is due; perhaps your show could research this horrible illness and help raise awareness. Your show this morning disgusted me. Dress Affordable wedding bridal collection in blue