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Sharp-edged bed frames and toddler foreheads do not mix well. Last night, Avalyn was running to the bathroom, excited to take a bath. She tripped and went head-first into the bed. Mike was downstairs with her and went right over to her- I came running as soon as I heard crying (when I heard the thud, I was crossing my fingers that we owned a bowling alley and that was just a ball falling). The first thing mike said when he saw me was, "it needs stitches" as he ran to the bathroom to find something to stop the bleeding... poor guy was obviously frazzled because he grabbed toilet paper. At the same moment I snatched a towel and stuck it on her head, without taking time to look at the wound. I pulled Avie out of Mike's hands and pressed the towel on tightly as I did my best to soothe her- and my husband. "Head wounds bleed a lot," I said," let's just stop the bleeding and take a look before we panic". Mike gave me a look that made me peel back the towel, I quickly pressed it back in place, "Get the car started" Dress Affordable toddler wears for flower girl
We drove quickly as we could without being stupid. I had Avalyn in my lap in the front seat... is that okay in those situations? Either way- we got to the ER quickly but had to wait an hour to be seen. I wanted to murder the woman who was bringing her kid in for a cough- with no fever, and who was eating just fine.
But 4 hours, 9 stitches and one hilariously "doped-up" kid later- we were finally back home.... at 1:30 in the morning. She is still sleeping this morning, so I have yet to see how she feels. I mean, does she really need more to deal with??

Couple funny quotes came out of this evening, however:

NURSE: (trying to distract Avalyn) where is Moana taking her boat?
AVALYN: Mexico


DOCTOR: I'm just going to squirt this water in your cut, to clean it
*squirts liquid inside wound while Avalyn winces*
DOCTOR: All done
AVALYN: See? Not so bad
DOCTOR: (laughing) That's amazing


NURSE: See you later, alligator!
AVALYN: I'm a girl


AVALYN: (loopy from the drugs and over-tired, singing our cat's nicknames in the backseat of the car) Tucker-Doodles, Doodle Bear! Tucky, Tucky, Tucky-pants!
MIKE: Is this a preview of what it will be like the first time we pick her up drunk from a house party??
AVALYN: you're crazy, teddy

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