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Ok check this out Tom Brunner and any and all of the rest of you no life having people who seem to be obsessed with me, Im going to say this once and only once. I Hollis Edward Priest III did not steal anything from your lying ass piece of garbage ugly ass friend, I did not beat her, trap her or do anything to or with her that was against her will. The only thing I did was dump her and because she thinks she is better then everyone else including all of you low life losers who cant mind there own business because your all a bunch of pussy hounds who cant find it unless its basically a piece of trash kind of like your dumpster diving days. Anyways if your all to stupid to see past the bullshit that comes out of her mouth then i guess youll always be suckers who get used for her benefit, for example if you believe that she went to medical school for ten years to become a forensic pathologist then you deserve to be used up, not even brain surgeons go to school that long and you can go to a city college for two years to become a forensic pathologist. The point is she is a walking lie that cares for nothing but herself she cant even stay in missouri long enough to see her kids birthdays alcohol is way too important for her to actually have a relationship with her kids outside of facebook. She was treated very well by me and deserved none of it. What she deserves she will get of her own accord because she will never put down the bottle and she wont be able to call on any of you for help then. So if you really want to help her you might want to address the real problem and thats herself. Your all wasting your time on me but hey if thats what makes you feel like your men, you know, chasing around a shadow then you go right ahead and keep spending your days and nights looking for something or someone to blame for that worthless bitch, well enjoy yourselves and i wish you luck in your pathetic little lives and the hunt that you will never succeed in unless i let you. when it comes to this kind of thing im much to good for you to get what you want. oh and by the way how pathetic is it that yur all supposed to be big tough guys yet you always seem to need more and more backup to handle a situation, I on the other hand call on nobody and need nothing more then myself and my mind to handle my OWN situations, somethng for you to think about at night. So ill be signing off now and i hope you guys see through all the bullshit being thrown at you. Remember 98% of you dont know me at all so before you jump to any conclusions you might want to ask yourselves if she is really worth all this struggle theres all another side to a story and only one is true but you should have facts before you act maybe save yourslves the embarresment that comes along with making a bad decision. Peace losers. Dress Affordable items with 3 4 sleeve to wear of the wedding