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I just got home from a wonderful half-day meditation retreat in prison, at the annual Buddhist event for Olympic Corrections Center.

OCC is a minimum security "camp" facility for men with four years or fewer left of their sentence who are also eligible for work release. So it's a smaller facility with a frequent turnover rate, meaning that the Buddhist group never has more than a handful of guys, and those who attend are rarely at OCC for long.

Despite this, we had 11 men att ... end the event today, 10 of whom were new to Buddhism and meditation. All of them were eager to participate, and did very well for first-time meditators in the noisy environment of prison.

We had several periods of sitting and walking meditation (with instruction), did some chanting, ate lunch in silence, and had a couple of dharma talks with discussion and questions after. The questions that the men asked were sincere and thoughtful, as were the insights that they shared.

Overall, it was a wonderful success. Much gratitude to the chaplain and staff at OCC, who made sure that the event still happened despite an unexpected lockdown today, and many thanks to my co-volunteers, Isaac, Barney, and Ed, for their hard work and dedication. Thanks to Isaac, especially, for all of his work organizing and orchestrating the event. Dress Affordable bohemian style wedding collections on sale

(As always, photos are hard to finagle in the prison environment, so here's a picture of Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park, from my drive home.)

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